jay droz
This is Sammy, our great Tuxedo cat since April, 2007 when Church friends gave him to us after a Vet made a mistake and killed Sadie, our first cat given to us by our son Chris many years before.
So, we've had Sammy with us about 8 years (today is May 17.2015). He's a real pistol, and smart as a whip. He and I walk outside on a leash everyday which lets the neighbors enjoy his friendliness and antics. Whenever I drop the leash for any reason he begins to chew on it as a sign for me to pick it up and continue walking. Whenever we leave the door open or the garage door open and Sammy gets out, it's only for a little while and he keeps on hugging the house - cause he knows ther's no food for him outdoors.
He's with me in my office (recording studio) while I'm playing and recording, so he's used to the music, singing and piano playing, so much so that when he wants to get out of the room for something, he'll jump on the piano and play something. Thus, I was able to make 3 Videos (and more to come) of him and me playing together. There's 3 Videos that you can see and hear at http://www.jaydroz.com