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(K) = Language Lyrics on the Screen
A La Nanita Nana! - Spanish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God PLAY
A New Commandment (Un Mandamiento Nuevo) - Spanish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
A New Name In Glory PLAY
Abide With Me! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Alabad al Senor Todas Naciones (Praise the Lord) - Spanish - Psalm 117 - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Alguien Llama a Tu Puerta (Somebody's...) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
All By Myself (W/Bari Sax) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
All Day Long PLAY
All Through The Night (Ar Hyd Y Nos) PLAY
Alleluja, Jesus Jest Panem! - Polish PLAY
Alzad vuestras Cabezas - Lift Up Your Heads - Spanish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Amazing Grace PLAY
Amazing Grace - Old PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
And It's All For You! (W/Sax Midi) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
As With Gladness Men of Old PLAY
Autumn Serenade (Sax Quartet) PLAY
Awake, Awake to Love and Work! PLAY
Balsam W Gilead (There Is a Balm In Gilead) - Spiritual)/a> PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Barka - Polish! (W/Sax Trio) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Battle Hymn of the Republic! PLAY
Beautiful Savior! PLAY
Be Still My Soul" PLAY
Bede spiewal cudowna historie PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Bless the Lord (Calypso)- Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Blessed Assurance (Fannie J Crosby Comp.) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Blogoslaw, Duszo Moja (Bless the Lord) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Blogoslaw Panu (Calypso) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Blogoslawiony Czlowiek (Blessed is the Man) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Bog Sie Rodzi (God is Born) - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Boze Jestes Srodek (Center Of My Soul) - Ralph Merrifield Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Bringing the Presence of Jesus - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Brush of Angel Wings (W/Sax Trio) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Buenas noticias, el Rey ya viene (Spiritual)JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus PLAY

Calvario! (Calvary) Spanish (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Calvary! - Easter (Eng-Polish) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Cantad al Senor - Sing To the Lord - Spanish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Center of My Soul PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Centro De Mi Alma (Center Of My Soul)- Ralph Merrifield Comp - Spanish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Chanson D'Autrefois (Sax Quartet) PLAY PLAY VIDEO  
Chanson De La Grand Maman PLAY
Chce Wiedziec Jako Wedruje - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christ Has Risen From the Grave - RM & DA Comp PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - A La Nanita Nana (Spanish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Angels We Have Heard On High (Polish) PLAY
Christmas - Away In a Manger (Jazz Version) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas "Birthday of a King" PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabelle! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Chce Wiedziec Jako Wedruje - Polish - English PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Chce Wiedziec Jako Wedruje - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas = Cicha Noc (Silent Night) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Coventry Carol (w/Sax Quartet & Flute) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - Dwanastcie bram Miasta (Polish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - En Pleno Invierno Oscuro (Spanish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Go, Tell It On the Mountain (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - God Bless the Child (w/Alto Sax) PLAY
Christmas - Greensleeves (Old English) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Holly and the Ivy (Jazz Version) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - I Wonder As I Wander (Appalachian carol) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - In the Bleak Midwinter w/Bone trio PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - It Came Upon the Midnight Clear w/Bari Sax PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring! Instr PLAY
Christmas - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (w/Alto Sax) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Let It Snow - A Cappella Jay Droz PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - O Come All Ye Faithful - Bari Sax PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - O Holy Night! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - Que Nino es este? (What Child is This?) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Christmas - Sax Quartets (Instrumentals) PLAY
Christmas - Silver Bells A Cappella - Jay Droz PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - Sing We Now of Christmas PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Snow Lay On the Ground (Venite...) Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - Star of Christmas Morning (w/Sax Duet) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - Ta Swieta Noc (O holy Night) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - V Razgar Mrachnoy Zimy (In the Bleak) - Russian PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - W posepnym srodku zimy (IN THE BLEAK) - POLISH PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Christmas - We Three Kings (w/Bari Sax) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas - What Child Is This? w/Sax Trio PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Christmas Tableau - Jay Droz (Stub) PLAY
Chrystus z Grobu zmartwychwsta.. (Christ Has Risen..) RM & DA Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Chwalcie Pan Wszystkie Pana (Praise the Lord..) - Polish - Psalm 117 Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Ciagle Niepokoj - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Cicha Noc (Silent Night) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing w/Alto Sax PLAY
Come Unto Me - Jesus Says! (W/Flute Trio) JD Comp PLAY
Come Unto Me (Pojddzcie do Mnie Wszyscy) Eng-Pol JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Confia En El SENOR!(Trust In the Lord) - Spanish JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Coventry Carol (W/Sax Quartet and Flute) PLAY
Creation Genesis 1:1-5 The First Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Creation Genesis 1:6-8 The Second Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Creation Genesis 1:9-13 The Third Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Creation Genesis 1:14-19 The Fourth Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Creation Genesis 1:20-23 The Fifth Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Creation Genesis 1-24-31 The Sixth Day PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Crown Him With Many Crowns (Vocal and Sax)  PLAY VIDEO
Czarna Madonna (Black Madonna) - Polish PLAY
Czasami Czuje Sie (Sometimes I Feel...) Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Daj Mi Jezusa (Give Me Jesus) - Polish (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Dales Nam Nadzieje (Polish) (You Gave) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Day By Day (Blott En Dag) PLAY
Do Lord! (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Dobra Nowina, Krol Nadchodzi! (Good News) Pol/Eng)(Spiritual) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Down At the Cross! PLAY
Down By the Riverside (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Dzieciatko z Betlejem (The Baby of Bethlehem) (Polish) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Dwanascie bram miasta (Twelve Gates To the City) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Dzisiaj w Betlejem (Today In Bethlehem) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 

Early Autumn (Sax Quartet) PLAY
El Cepillar de Alas de Angel! - Spanish  PLAY
El Tiene Todo el Mundo en Sus Manos (He's got the Whole) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
El Szaddaj (El Szaddai) Polish Christmas Carol!  PLAY
Every Time I Feel the Spirit! (Spiritual)  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Fly Me To the Moon (Instrumental - Alto Sax)  PLAY
Four Brothers (Sax Quartet)  PLAY

Give Me Jesus! (Spiritual) Eng-Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Go, Tell It On The Mountain! (Spiritual) PLAY
God Bless America! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
God Bless the Child (Instrumental) PLAY
God So Loved the World (Sax Quartet) PLAY
Good News! Chariot's Comin' (Spiritual) PLAY
Good News, the King Is Coming (Spiritual)(Eng/Russian) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Goralu, Czy Ci Nie Zal - Highland Song! - Polish PLAY
Great Is Thy Faithfulness PLAY
Greensleeves! (Old English) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 

Hallelujah, Jesus is Lord! - Stephen Misarski Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Hallulujah! He Is Risen! (Easter Spiritual) PLAY VIDEO  
Hammer Ring Medley (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Harlem Nocturne (W/Alto Sax) PLAY
Have Thine Own Way, LORD! PLAY
He Came Down (W/Flute Quartet) PLAY
He Hideth My Soul! PLAY
He Never Said A Mumblin' Word! (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
He Rose (They Crucified My Savior) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
He Shall Be Called - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands (Spiritual) PLAY
Heralds of Christ PLAY
Here At Thy Table, Lord! PLAY
Higher Ground! PLAY
His Eye Is On The Sparrow!(W/Flute) (Spiritual) PLAY
His Eye Is On The Sparrow!(Jego Oczy sa Zwrocone) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
His Yoke Is Easy! PLAY
Holly and the Ivy (Christmas Carol- Jazz Version) PLAY
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be! PLAY
How Awesome Is This Place (Ralph Merrifield Comp.)! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
How Blessed Is the Man (Ralph Merrifield Comp.)! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

I Am Thine O Lord! PLAY
I believe This Is Jesus (Wierze, ze to jest Jezus) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say - Trad. Eng. 1846 PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Love To Tell The Story PLAY
I Need Thee Every Hour (w/Alto Sax) PLAY
I Received the Living God (Jazz Vocal) PLAY
I Shall Not Be Moved (Spiritual) Psalm 16 PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Surrender All PLAY
I Want Jesus To Walk With Me (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Want to be Ready (Spiritual) Eng-Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I Wonder As I Wonder (Appalachian carol) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
I'd Rather Have Jesus PLAY
I'm Gonna Sing When the Spirit Says Sing (Spiritual) PLAY
I'm Grateful For the Cross - Easter - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I'm In The Gloryland Way PLAY
I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me! (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
I've Got a Robe (Spiritual) PLAY
I've Got Peace Like a River (W/Jazz Organ) (Spiritual) PLAY
I've Just Come From the Fountain (Eng-Polish) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
If Thou But Suffer God To Guide Thee PLAY
In My Father's Hands - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
In The Sweet By And By! PLAY
Is My Name Written There? PLAY
Isaiah 43:1b-3a Fear Not, for I have Redeemed You : PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Izajasz 43:1b- 3a Nie bój sie, ( Fear Not ) - Polish Karaoke PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Isaiah 43 (Do Not Fear) - Thus Saith the Lord: PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Izajasza 43 (Isaiah 43) Tak Mowi Pan - Polish Karaoke: PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
It Happened on That Fateful Night.- Easter PLAY
It Is Well With My Soul PLAY

Ja Jestem Chlebem Zywota (Polish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jak Niesamowite Jest to Miejsce(How Awesome.) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jak Szybko Mijaja Chwile - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jedz, Jezu, Krolu (Ride on king Jesus) Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Jego Oczy sa Zwrocone (His Eye Is On The Sparrow!) (Spiritual) Karaoke PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
JESTESMY WOLNI (We Are Free) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jestem Wdzieczne Dla Krzyza (I'm Grateful For the Cross) - Polish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jesu, Jesu Fill Us With Your Love (Eng-Polish) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring!(Instrumental) PLAY
Jesus In the Morning (Spiritual in Eng-Polish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jesus is a Rock (Jezus Jest Skala) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jesus Is All The World To Me! PLAY
Jesus Loves Me (For Seniors) PLAY
Jesus, Keep Me Near The Cross! PLAY
Jesus! Deed I Do! (W/Jazz Organ) (Spiritual) PLAY
Jesus, Name Above All Names (Sax Ensemble) PLAY
Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley Psalm 23 (Spiritual) (Eng-Pol) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jesus was Born In Bethlehem - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jezu Jezu, Napelnij Nas... (Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us..) (Spiritual) JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jezus Narodzil sie W Betlehem (Jesus was Born In Bethlehem)- Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jezus Przyszedl (He Came Down) Polish (W/Flute Quartet) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Jezus W Rano (Spiritual in Polish and English) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Joy Dawned Again On Easter Day - Alleluja PLAY
Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee PLAY
Just a Closer Walk with Thee. PLAY

Keep Your Lamps Trimmed and Burning (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Kalwaria (Calvary) (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Khoroshiye novosti (Good News) - Russian! (Spiritual) JD Com PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Khvalite Gospoda, Vse Narody (Praise the Lord, All Nations) - Russian Psalm 117 - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Kochajcie Swoich Braci (Jesus Says: ) - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Aniol Pasterzom Mowil PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy Bog Sie Rodzi! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy ""Chce wiedziec jako (ja) wedruje " Pol - Eng" PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy Cieszmy sie i pod niebiosyc PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy Dzisiaj w Betlejem PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy Do Szopy Hej Pasterze PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy El Szaddaj (El Shaddai) PLAY
Koledy Gdy Sie Chrystus Rodzi PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Gdy Sliczna Panna (As the Lovely..) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Gwiazdo Betlejemska - Polish Koledy PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Hej W Dzien Narodzenia PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Jezus Malusienki (Teeny Jesus) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Lulajze Jezujiu (Lullby, Sweet Jesus) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Medrcy Swiata PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Mizerna Cicha PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Narodzil Sie nam Zbawiciel (Angels We Have...) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Nie Bylo Miejsca Dla Ciebie PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Oj, maluski, maluski, maluski PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy O Gwiazdo Betlejemska PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Pasterze Mili PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Pastuszkowie Bracia PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Pojdzmy Wszyscy do Stajenki PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Przylecieli Aniolkowie" (Angels Arrived) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Polish Christmas Medley (Polskie Koledy)! - Polish PLAY
Koledy Przybiezeli do Betlejem PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Sliczna Panienka PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy "Ta Swieta Noc" PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy Tryumfy Krola Niebieskiego PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy W Zlobie Lezy (A Cappella) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Koledy W Zlobie Lezy (In a Manger) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Koledy Wsrod Nocnej Ciszy PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Kto sie w opieke odda Panu swemu (Polish Comp 1550) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Kto-to stuchitsya v tvoyu dver' (Somebody's...) Rus PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Ktos Puka do twych Drzwi (Somebody's...) Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Kum Ba Yah, mi Dios (Spanish - English) Psalm 79 (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Kumbaya Panie -(Kum Ba Yah) Psalm 79 - Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Jazz Vocal)  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Leave It There!  PLAY
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence  PLAY
Let There Be Peace On Earth  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Let Us Break Bread Together!(Spiritual) Eng-Pol   PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Lift High the Cross (W/Jazz Piano)   PLAY
Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Living For Jesus (W/Jazz Vibes) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Look For The Silver Lining!   PLAY
Lord, I Want to be a Christian (Spiritual) (Eng-Polish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Lord, I'm Coming Home  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Love Divine, All Loves Excelling  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Love Lifted Me   PLAY
Love Your Brothers (Jesus says) - Kochajcie... PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Low in the Grave He Lay (He Rose!)   PLAY
Lulajze, Jesuniu (Sleep, Sweet Jesus) - Polish  PLAY

Mighty One - Ralph Merrifield Composition PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Mizerna Chica - Polish (W/Flute Quintet)  PLAY
Modlitwa Panska (The Lord's Prayer)- Polish - Ralph Merrifield Comp.  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Moje zycie uplywa ..(.My Life Flows On...) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Musniecie Skrzydel Aniola (Brush of Angel Wings)! - Pol/Eng JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Musimy Spiew, Spiew, Spiewac - Polish JD Comp  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
My Life Flows On In Endless Song! (Spiritual)  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
My Life Flows On In Endless Song! (W/Soprano Sax) (Spiritual)  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
My Lord, What a Morning!(Spiritual) Eng-Polish   PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Nasza Piesn Powitalna (Our Welcome Song) Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Nie Bylo Miejsca Dla Ciebie - Polish  PLAY
Niech bedzie pokoj na Ziemi (Let There Be Peace...) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Niescie Chwale (Bear Glory) Pol-Eng PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Nikt Nie Wie, ile Nieszczescia Widziaem (Nobody Knows)- Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Nigdy Nie Pisnal (He Never Said a Mumbalin' Word) - Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Nisposhi Tvoy Svet (Send Forth Your Light) Russian - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen (Eng-Pol) (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Noche Sagrada (O Holy Night) - Spanish  PLAY
Nosze Boza szate (I've Got a Robe) - Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Now the Green Blade Rises (Noel Nouvelet) New  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

O Holy Night! PLAY
O Jesus I Have Promised! PLAY
O Jezus, Obiecalem! - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
O Mary, Don't You Weep (Spiritual) PLAY \  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
O Maryjo nie Placz (O Mary don't you weep) - Spiritual PLAY \ PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Oh, Cudowne Krzyz (Oh the Wondrous Cross) - Polish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Oh, How I Love Jesus PLAY
Oh, Sing to the Lord (Cantad al Senor) - Spanish PLAY
Oh, the Wondrous Cross - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Old Rugged Cross (w Guitar Chorus) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Old Time Religion! (Spiritual) PLAY
On Ma Caly Swiat w Jego Rece (He's Got the Whole.) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
On Musi Byc Nazwany (He Shall Be Called) - Polish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Opus in Pastels (Sax Quartet) PLAY
Otrzymalem Zywego Boga(I Received the Living God) PLAY
Our Welcome Song - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Out of the Depths I Cry to You (Eng - Pol) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Padre Nuestro (The Lord's Prayer) - Spanish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Pamietamy - Ralph Merrifield (Easter) Polish Karaoke PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Panie, chce byc chrzescijaninem. (Lord I Want..) Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Panie, Wracam do Domu (Lord, I'm Coming Home!) Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Pan Jest Moim Pasterzem (The Lord Is My Shepard)! - Polish JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Pedz Nisko,Rajski Rydvanie (Swing Low) Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
PODRÓZNIK (The Traveler) Ralph Merrifield Comp - Polish Karaoke PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Pojdzcie Do Mnie - Jezus Mowi (Come Unto Me)! - Polish JD Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Pojdzmy Wszyscy do Stajenki! - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Potrzebuje Modlic Sie (Polish)! - Polish (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Poyte Gospodu (Sing To the Lord) - Russian PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Pozwol nam lamac chleb razem (Let Us Break Bread.) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Praise the Lord, All Nations - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Praise the Lord - Call To Christian Arms (Karaoke) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Praise the Lord Sing Hallelujah) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Prelude and Beguine (Sax Quartet) PLAY
Prisoner of Your Love, Jesus PLAY
Prosze Pamietaj o Mnie (Do Lord, Remember Me) - Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Przejdzcie przez wode (Wade in the water) - Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Przy Brzegu Rzeki (Down by the Riverside)- Spiritual PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Przykanie Nowe (A New commandment) - Polish PLAY
Psalm 103 Bless the Lord (Calypso)- Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 

Que Nino es este? (What Child is This)  PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Que Se Haga Paz En La Tierra  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Ready!   PLAY
Ride On, King Jesus (Spiritual) A Cappella PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Rock Of Ages! PLAY
Rockin' Chair PLAY

Se Llamara Su Nombre! (He Shall Be Called)- Spanish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Shall We Gather By the River PLAY
Send the Light! (W/Sax) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Send Forth Your Light - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Senti la voz de Jesus decir - I heard the Voice... PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Sing of... and Take Five (W/Alto Sax 5/4 Medley) PLAY
Sing We Now of Christmas PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Snow Lay On the Ground (Venite Adoremus) PLAY
Softly and Tenderly! PLAY
Solo Un Pesebre (Only a Manger Bed) PLAY
Somebody Prayed For Me (Spiritual) PLAY
Somebody's Knocking at Your Door (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Sometimes I feel Like a Motherless Child (Spiritual) - Eng-Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Soon Ah Will Be Done (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Somos Bellos (Jestesmy Piekni) (We are Beautiful) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Somos Uno En Cristo - Spanish PLAY
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus PLAY
Standing In the Need Of Prayer (Spiritual) w/Jazz Organ PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Star of Christmas Morning (W/Sax Duet) PLAY
Stary, szorstki krzyz (Old Rugged Cross) Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Stella By Starlight (Instrumental Sax Duet) PLAY
Sto Lat (One Hundred Years) - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
SUO GAN (A Welsh Lullaby) Sax Quartet PLAY
Sweet Hour Of Prayer! PLAY
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Pedz Nisko) (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Ta Swieta Noc (O holy Night) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Take Five (W/Alto Sax) PLAY
Take My Life and Let It Be PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Tell Me the Story of Jesus PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Tenemos Cant, Cantar Para Jesus! - Spanish PLAY
The Baby of Bethlehem - Ralph Merrifield Comp PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
The Best Things In Life Are Free!(W/Jazz Organ) PLAY
The LORD Is My Shepherd! PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
The Lord's Prayer - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
The Snow Lay On The Ground - Venite Adoremus! PLAY
The Traveler - Ralph Merrifield Comp PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
There is a Balm in Gilead! (Spiritual) Eng-Pol PLAY PLAY VIDEO  
This Little Light Of Mine! To Male Swiatelko (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
To God Be The Glory! PLAY
To Male Swiatelko (This little light) Spiritual  PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Tribute - Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Patriot Day PLAY
Tribute to George Beverly Shea PLAY
Trust In the Lord - I Do! (w/Saxes) Proverbs 3:5 JD Comp PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Trwaj przy mnie (Abide With Me) Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Tu Has Venido a la Orilla PLAY
Twelve Gates To the City (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Uslyszalem glos Jezusa powiedzial I Heard the... Polish  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

Venid a Mi! (Come Unto Me) - Spanish JD Comp  PLAY
Vieme to Pane Boze Nas "Your Heart, O God..."  PLAY
Vy Dali Nam Nadezhdu (You Gave Us Hope)- Russian. - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)

W posepnym srodku zimy (IN THE BLEAK) - POLISH PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
W Rece Mojego Ojca - In My Father's Hands (Polish) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
W Zlobie Lezy (In a Manger! - Polish PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Wade In the Water (Easter) (Spiritual) Eng-Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Warownym grodem (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Wayfaring Stranger (Easter Spiritual) Eng-Pol PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
We Are Called - Ralph Merrifield Comp PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
We Are Free - Ralph Merrifield Comp PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
We Must Sing for Jesus (English & Polish) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
We Remember - Ralph Merrifield Comp/a> PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
We've a Story to Tell the Nations PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Were You There? - Easter (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO
Wez moje zycie (Take My Life..) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
What a Friend We Have in Jesus PLAY
What Joy In Prayer (For Tim Droz) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
When You're Smiling! (W/Jazz Organ) PLAY
Who'll Be A Witness For My Lord (Spiritual) PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Wierze, ze to jest Jezus (I believe This Is Jesus) Spiritual PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Wolalbym Jezusa (I'd Rather Have Jesus) Pol-Eng PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Wonderful Peace (Jazz Version) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Wspanialy Pokoj (Wonderful Peace) - Polish PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Wsrod Nocney Ciszy! - Polish PLAY PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Wyciagnij Rece (Stretch Out Your Hands) Polish-English PLAY VIDEO - (K) 
Yego narekut (He Shall Be Called) - Ralph Merrifield Comp. Russian  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
You Gave Us Hope - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
You Have Come Down to the Lakeshore (W/Sax Trio)  PLAY
Zaufaj Bogu - Ja Ufam (Trust In the Lord, I Do!)- Pol-Eng JD Comp  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Zawsze, Kiedy Poczuje Ducha (Spiritual) PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Zbawienie Przyszlo Przez Krzyz - Polish  PLAY  PLAY VIDEO - (K)
Zeslij swe swiatlo (Send Forth Your Light) Polish - Ralph Merrifield Comp. PLAY  PLAY VIDEO

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